The Castle

Let’s get the ball rolling with a newish poem from 2015:


The Castle

In what must have been the West Wing
Judging by the beaten brass panel with the letters smoothed away
We climbed a clanking ladder up a narrow stone shaft
And light gleamed like a coin above our heads.

Emerging from the manhole
We planted our palms on warm flagstones
Shuffling our knees is in soft dust, then standing;

Fresh wind whipped and tousled our hair as we broke the parapet
And we laughed, breathless, into the surf’s distant sigh
Drawing together and clasping each other’s sides for balance

And our hearts leapt with vertigo, when
In gleaming sapphire slivers between the turrets, and towers, and chimneys of sandstone
Our eyes fixed, and we beheld the distant sea, glittering like flames
And sailing boats like specks in another world.


Please leave comments, criticism, feedback, discussion!

The Castle

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